HD3409.2 - Benchtop DO meter, temp. via Pt100 Sircam. Datalogger: max., min., aver., RS232 C/USB2.0. Draagkoffer, calibrator DO9709/20. DeltaLog9 Kabels, voeding en elektrodes los bestellen.

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Bench-top Oxymeter-Thermometer measures dissolved oxygen, saturation index by polarographic type combined probes, temperature by Pt100 probes with SICRAM module. Datalogger which stores maximum, minimum, average value. RS232 C serial output or USB 2.0 for data download to a PC or printer from memory or in real time. Functions: REL, HOLD, auto power off which can be disabled, protection degree IP 66. Battery power supply or mains power supply by SWD10 (optional). Complete with carrying case, instructions manual, calibrator DO9709/20. Software DeltaLog 9 suitable from version 2. Oxygen probes, zero and reference solutions, TP47Â?series temperature probes with SICRAM module, cables for PC connection and outer power supplier have to be ordered separately.


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  • DELTALOG9Software DELTALOG 9 - Windows 7 compatible, voor HD2107.1, H..



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